SysTax 5 - an integrated, concept based database system for biodiversity data.

The SysTax database system includes:

  • concept based botanical and zoological systematics
    SysTax accepts multiple views on taxa regarding their systematical context and multiple views on synonyms
  • literature
  • botanical gardens, herbaria and zoological collections
    SysTax administrates the data of multiple gardens and collections
  • addresses
  • multimedia data (images, sound files, video sequences)
  • Multimediadaten werden gespeichert zu Sammlungsobjekten, zu Taxa und/oder zur Literatur


Use the search like any search of the usual search machines and enter your search patterns into the search field above in any order. 

- use a "-" (e.g. -annonaceae) in front of a word, which should not be included in the search.

volume of the database

Without any further options you are searching - contrary to the previous SysTax-portal - on every kind of data stored in our database: taxa, collections, literature, data of botanical gardens, media data, GBIF-data. You are searching on currently about 2.6 million data sets.

SysTax Portal

taxa 575,358
data of collections 1,722,965
data of botanical gardens 218,638
pictures 67,725
sounds 8,942
literature 53,207
Summe 2,646,835

If needed, restrict your search to a certain kind of data.